When you're thinking of buying real estate, the first thing you need to do is work up a budget to see how much you can afford. There's no point in going any further yet. In order to work up an accurate budget for your move to Mississauga, you need accurate estimates as to how much the condo you've got your eye on might cost. If you're not sure yet which building you want to live in, look up some of the average prices for housing in Mississauga to get a feel for the city.

Small Houses

Most people who are looking for a house in Mississauga are looking for their first home, which naturally means it will be a small one, for budget and family size reasons. For a detached bungalow type house with three bedrooms, you'd be looking at paying around $402,000. Meanwhile if you're looking to go for a two storey house with three bedrooms, you'd be paying closer to $380,000, so to save money you'll need to accept some stairs. Homeowners can find beautiful examples of bungalows at historic house blog.

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Large Houses

If your family is larger and you're looking for a property that can accommodate you and/or show off just how well you're doing at work, there are also quite a few large houses in Mississauga. For a larger two storey home you'll be looking at paying in the neighborhood of $454,000. If you want to go whole hog and buy a mansion with 5 or more rooms and plenty of space to stretch out, you'll need to shell out $628,000 or more.

Town Houses

Suburban living is the order of the day for most people who are looking to move to Mississauga, but if you don't want to detach yourself completely from the urban lifestyle you could ask your real estate agent to find you a town house. Town houses are similar in size and space to small detached homes but are packed together in rows. Find photo examples of townhouses here. In Mississauga, a town house will cost you around $281,000.


Though it still contains a lot of suburban developments, Mississauga is becoming increasingly urban in nature, so if you think a Mississauga condo might be right for you, you'll have quite a bit of choice. Standard condo units (around 900 square feet) retail for around $253,000 while luxury units (around 1400 square feet) are closer to $340,000. Apart from size, the major difference between the two lies in features like in building pool and concierge.

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