Whenever a discussion starts up about what the best place to live in Canada is, people always tend to mention only the standard answers. Locales such as Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto and Victoria are always the most popular answers. Does an Ontario teacher for example single out a place like Toronto as their answer because they truly believe it to be the best city in Canada or because it's one of the most popular answers and they don't want to be ridiculed for saying something that goes against the popular norm?

We're going to actually throw caution to the wind and give a different answer than the above mentioned one. Mississauga. Yes, we might be a little biased; as would any residents in Mississauga who answered that question but it's not like it's a bad answer. There are many great reasons as to why Mississauga is a great city and one in which you should consider living in if you already don't.

Although you might think of Mississauga as a small city if you know nothing about it, it's actually quite the opposite. Mississauga is one of the biggest Canadian cities and is currently the sixth most populated city in all of Canada. It gives you that small time vibe with a big city feel. Since it is a big city that means there's lot of things to do and see while living in Mississauga. Other than just shopping at the Heartland town centre or Square One mall and dining out at the countless offerings.

You can go golfing at the popular Lakeview golf course, spend a day at the spa, walk around some of the more historic villages in town, take a view of the waterfront or let your soul, heart and mind spend some quality time with the vibrant arts and culture scene in Mississauga. If you're new to the country, you can even take a local class so you can make small talk with fellow citizens of Mississauga.

There's a lot that Mississauga has to offer you, whether you want to find an office space or continue commuting to nearby Oakville for your current job. It's just a great place to live and raise a family, especially since you're surrounded by so many wonderful and ethnic neighbourhoods, a great and lively waterfront, beautiful and breathtaking architecture as well as some delightful museums. So, if you never considered living in Mississauga before, hopefully we gave you something to think about.

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